Al- Meqdad: Syrian-Indian Cultural and Scientific Relations are Strong

Indian Ambassador: Friendship Relations Between the Two Countries are Deep

 Damascus - The Embassy of the Republic of India held on Tuesday a reception on the occasion of establishing the Indian Council for Cultural Relations at the Damascus Hotel Dama Rose.

The Ambassador of India in Damascus, Dr. Hafiz Al-Rahman, delivered a speech clarifying the objectives of the Indian Council for Indian Cultural Relations that are represented in formulating and implementing policies related to foreign cultural relations and to strengthen and consolidate cultural ties and mutual understanding with other peoples. He indicated that, according to the program, some 32 Syrian students and researchers have been registered for the current year.

The ambassador emphasized the depth of the friendly relations linking the two countries, pointing out the scholarships offered by his country to the Syrians at different levels, in addition to the vocational training provided by the Indian Foreign Ministry in the framework of the Indian technical and economic cooperation program.

 Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Faisal al-Miqdad confirmed the strong relations between the two friendly countries at various levels, pointing out that India stands by Syria in various international forums and its right to regain the occupied Syrian Golan and its war on terror.

Dr. al -Miqdad indicated to the importance of Syrian-Indian cooperation in the cultural, technical and scientific fields, pointing out that while several countries have sought to destroy the infrastructure in Syria, India has worked on reconstruction as a contribution to support the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of terrorism.

The ceremony was attended by President of the University of Damascus, Dr. Mohammad Maher Qabakibi, Dr. Yasser Houria, President of the Private Sham University and a number of department directors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants.


Sharif Al –Khatib

Editor –in- Chief