Al-Moallem: Trump’s Resolution Won't Affect the Status of the Occupied Golan

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Walid al-Moallem, said that US President Donald Trump's decision will not affect the situation of the occupied Syrian Golan and that the Golan is protected by its people, the Syrian Arab people and our armed forces.

In response to a question on the impact of Trump's decision on the Occupied Syrian Golan, Al-Moallem said: "The American decision will only affect the isolation of America.

The Golan is immune to a series of international resolutions that represent international legitimacy and the occupied Golan residents who has high national spirit. The occupied Golan is also fortified with our people and its steadfastness and our valiant armed forces, therefore, this decision will not affect at all, al-Maollem told Syrian TV in a telephone call on Monday responding to a question about the impact of Trump’s step on the status of the occupied Syrian Golan.

As for the position of Trump and its consequences on the region, al-Maollem explained that no one can predict what this pirate is doing, he and his administration have proved that they are a destabilizing factor for international stability and a factor of domination over the international community. He started with Jerusalem and Judaization but in the Golan he will not be able to do anything, the land belongs to its people and nobody, no matter how many years have passed, can change this reality.

On the international responses rejecting the US step, Al-Moallem said that without doubt we can count on these responses including the international public opinion, which is keen on the resolutions of the United Nations and confirm the "isolation" of America even from its closest European allies.


Sh. Kh.