Slovak politician to ST: We have to do everything to stop Trump’s Golan move

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Slovak politician Martin Beluský has underscored that the United States will do everything that is in favor of Israel because it is just a pet of Washington.

His remarks came during a statement he gave on Monday to the Syria Times e-newspaper on the US President Donald Trump’s remarks on the occupied Syrian Golan.

“I believe that the current US Administration’s recognition of the Syrian Golan as ‘Israeli territory’ has no legal effect… But we have to wait if they will try to do any step to forward this recognition. We have to do everything that is in our powers to stop that,” Mr. Beluský said.

He added: “I believe it would be a big precedent and it could lead to recognition of Crimea, because it's the same thing.”

The US President has provoked global anger by recognizing the Syrian Golan as ‘Israeli territory'.

 Syrian Foreign Ministry asserted that Trump’s statement showed the blind bias of the United States towards "Israel' but would not change “the fact that the Golan was and will always be a Syrian Arab territory.”

It affirmed that Syria is now more determined to liberate it by all possible means no matter what.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour