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Trump's Recognition of Israel's Annexation of Occupied Syrian Golan a Slap in the Face for International Community

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria categorically rejected US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize the annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan to the Zionist entity, saying it is a flagrant aggression on Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and a slap in the face for the international community, an official source at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Monday.

Earlier in the day, Trump signed a declaration recognizing "Israel’s sovereignty" over the occupied Syrian Golan.

The new US provocative move embodies the strong alliance between the US and Israel and affirms their hostility to the Arab nation and that makes the United States the main enemy of the Arabs because of the limitless support and protection provided by successive US administrations to the Zionist occupation,  the source told SANA.

The source added that Trump's decision shows extreme contempt for international law and makes the UN lose its position and credibility through the US flagrant violations of UN resolutions on occupied Syrian Golan, particularly Resolution No. 497 for 1981 which affirms the legal status of the Syrian Golan as being an occupied land and which completely rejects Israel's decision to annex occupied Golan and considers it as null and void and of no legal effect.  

The source said that the US President does not have the right or legal capacity to legitimize the occupation of other’s territory, and America’s aggressive policy will leave the region and the world vulnerable to danger and will threaten the world's peace, security and stability.

According to the source, the international community shoulders main responsibility in defending international legitimacy and maintaining international peace and security by refusing the US administration's irresponsible and arrogant policies.

The new US decision on occupied Syrian Golan and previously its recognition of occupied al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity and moving its Embassy to al-Quds prove that no Arab country is in a safe position that can protect it from the US evils, the source stressed, pointing out that the Arabs should take a historic decisive stance to overcome the weak Arab situation and join efforts in defense of the dignity, existence, interests and rights of the Arab nation.

The source stressed that the Syrian Arab Republic categorically rejects the US decision and affirms that the entire universe can't change the historical and eternal fact that Golan will continue to be a Syrian Arab land and that its liberation and restoration to the Syrian sovereignty by all possible means is a non-negotiable right.

Hamda Mustafa