Syria Condemns Trump's Remarks on Occupied Golan, Stresses Golan Will always Be Syrian Arab Territory

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has condemned in the strongest terms the irresponsible remarks made by US President Donald Trump on the occupied Syrian Golan, stressing that these remarks won't change the fact that Golan will always be a Syrian Arab territory.

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement to SANA on Friday that  Trump's statements reaffirm the United States' blind bias towards the Zionist occupation entity and its limitless support for Israel's aggressive behavior.

In a tweet on Thursday, Trump shamelessly said that it is time for the United States to "fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty" over the occupied Syrian Golan, which, he claimed, "is of critical strategic and security importance to Israel and Regional Stability".

 "This US stance on the occupied Syrian Golan provides clear evidence about Washington's disrespect for international legitimacy and violations of international resolutions, mainly the Security Council Resolution No. 497 for 1981, which was unanimously adopted including by the United States itself, and which completely rejected all the Israeli occupation government's decisions and oppressive procedures regarding the Syrian Golan and considered them as null and void and of no legal effect," the source added.

The international community has realized that by its arrogant and hegemony policies, the United States has become the main cause of tension in the international arena and the most serious threat to international peace and security, the source went on to say, pointing out that the world countries should join efforts to put an end to the American arrogance, restore respect to international legitimacy and preserve world peace and stability.

The source concluded by stressing that the Syrian people is now more determined to liberate this dear part of the Syrian sacred soil by all possible means whatever time it may take.

Hamda Mustafa