After Years of Displacement by Terrorism, Hundred of Syrians Return to Their Village in Homs Countryside

HOMS, (ST)- After eight years of displacement by terrorism, Hundreds of displaced Syrians returned to their al-Boweida al-Sharqiya village in al-Qseir area of Homs southern countryside.

Upon arrival in the village, the Syrian flag was hoisted amid chants greeting President Bashar Al-Assad and hailing the Syrian Arab Army's sacrifices to ensure the return of the displaced people after terrorists gangs have been defeated and driven out from al-Qseir.

 The returnees expressed their happiness over being back to their village after the Syrian Arab Army liberated it from terrorism, pointing out that this achievement couldn't have been realized without the cohesion between the people, army and leadership in defense of the homeland.

They vowed to rebuild their houses which were damaged by terrorism.

Head of al-Boweida al-Sharqiya municipality Mohammad al-Mohammad said that a program was put to ensure infrastructure services like drinking water, Sewerage and electricity to the village population.

Hamda Mustafa