Army foils infiltration attempt, eliminates terrorist groups in Hama countryside

Hama - The Syrian Arab army on Tuesday responded to breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement by terrorist organizations who tried to infiltrate and attack many military points in Hama northern countryside.

SANA said that an army unit thwarted terrorist group’s attempt to sneak from direction of Mourek town into military points in northern Hama.

Another army unit targeted Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorist groups in Bab al-Taqa town in al-Ghab plain in northern Hama, SANA added.

A number of terrorists were killed and injured as their weapons and dens were destroyed.

On Monday, army units destroyed groups and vehicles for terrorists on the outskirts of  villages of al-Hawiz, al-Hawija, Jiser al-Ras al-Tuwayneh and al-Sharia in the northern suburbs of Hama and on the eastern outskirts of Maaret  al-Nu’man, Wadi Khuwair, Khan Shaykhoun, and Talmans in southern Idleb.