Washington not Serious about Ending the Crisis in Syria: IHRC in Middle East

BEIRUT, (ST)- The US continuous support for terrorist organizations proves that it is not serious about ending to the crisis in Syria, Commissioner of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in the Middle East Haitham Abu Said has affirmed.

 In a statement on Monday, Abu Said noted that "the US administration is not serious about ending the humanitarian tragedy in Syria through its insistence to keep supporting the terrorist organizations which have been committing crimes against innocent people.

"Brussels" conference on Syria, has been a mistake from the very beginning because it didn't invite the Syrian state to participate in the event though it (Syria) is the main party that is concerned in the Syrian affairs, Abu Said affirmed.

 He reiterated that Washington and the Israeli occupation entity are working to destabilize Lebanon through interference in its internal affairs and through pressuring the Lebanese national Resistance.

Hamda Mustafa