EU Politicizes Humanitarian Issue in Syria to Put More Pressure on the Syrian Government: Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has vehemently condemned attempts by the European Union to politicize the humanitarian file in Syria and exploit it to prolong the crisis and put more pressure on the Syrian government,  an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Friday, referring to the holding of anti-Syria conferences such as the recently held "Brussels" Conference on Syria.

The Syrian Arab Republic expressed astonishment over holding the so-called "Brussels Conference" on Syria in the absence of the main concerned party in the Syrian Affair which is Syria, the source added.

 The source denounced the hypocrisy of the officials of some countries participating in the conference, saying that they shed crocodile tears on the Syrians while they themselves are responsible for the shedding of the Syrian blood through their limitless support for terrorist groups and through the multi-faced war, including against the national economy, and which badly affected the Syrians' living.

The Syrian Arab Republic affirms that what Syria's enemies fail to achieve in the battlefield couldn't  be achieved in other ways and that the Syrian people, who built their country on solid basis over decades, will be able themselves to reconstruct what the takfiri terrorism and its supporters has destroyed and to build the hoped-for prosperous future in a united independent Syria, the sources said.

The Syrians will rebuild their country not through decisions by Syria's enemies who claim false democracies, added the source, pointing out that helping Syria can only be done through halting all kinds of foreign interference in the country's affairs.

Hamda Mustafa