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Military Operation in Idleb Inevitable If Diplomatic Efforts to Implement Demilitarized Zone Agreement Failed: al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)- The Turkish regime, since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, has been facilitating the flow of terrorists into Syria across the Turkish borders and it has been sponsoring all forms of international terrorism and terrorist groups coming to Syria from all over the world, Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari said in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Friday.

The Turkish regime hasn't yet implemented its commitments towards the Sochi agreement on demilitarized zone in Idleb to clear terrorist groups from this area, al-Jaafair added, stressing that a military operation in Idleb will be inevitable if political and diplomatic efforts to implement the Sochi agreement fail.

 US keeps investing in terrorism to implement its agenda in the region

On the US policy in Syria, al-Jaafri said that the US President Donald Trump has repeatedly announced the withdrawal of his county's forces from Syria, but this withdrawal hasn't been achieved yet, because the US administration wants to keep investing in terrorism in Syria and Iraq to achieve its agendas in the region in collusion with the Turkish regime and the US-backed militias in Syria's al-Jazira region.

Al-Jaafari went on to say that the so-called "international coalition", established by Washington without the approval of the Security Council, purportedly to fight terrorism, continues to support Daesh terrorist organization. He made it clear that the coalition, tens of times, helped evacuate Daesh terrorists to unknown areas to protect them, and, most recently, the coalition made a deal with Daesh terrorists, by which Washington gets tens of tons of gold that the terror organization had stolen in exchange for providing safe passage for the terrorists and their leaders from the areas in Deir Ezzor where they are located.

Hamda Mustafa