A civilian injured in a terrorist shelling attack in Aleppo City

Aleppo - A citizen was injured in a terrorist attack with a rocket shell on al-Shahba al-Jadida neighborhood in Aleppo city.

SANA said that terrorist groups positioned in al-Rashidin area west of Aleppo city on Wednesday targeted al-Shahba al-Jadida neighborhood with a rocket shell that fell on a house in vicinity of al-Bukhari Mosque.

A civilian was injured in the attack and he was rushed to the University Hospital to receive the required treatment and fire erupted in one of the houses, according to SANA.

On Feb. 2nd, a civilian was martyred and five others were injured in the explosion of an explosive device planted in a car on the road linking Manbij city and Haj Abdin village in Aleppo eastern countryside.