Syria Invited to Take Part in Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian People's Assembly (PA) has received an invitation to take part in the conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference (AIPU) due to be held in Jordan next month.

"Syria's invitation to attend the conference is an initiative by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Jordanian Parliament and is a positive bid to break the isolation some parties have tried to impose on Syria," Tareq Khouri, member of the Jordanian Parliament and head of  the  Jordanian parliamentary delegation visiting Syria, told journalists after a meeting with Syria's PA Speaker Hammoudah al-Sabbagh in Damascus on Tuesday.

Syria, after the victory it has achieved over terrorism, is able to go ahead and restore its key position in the region, Khouri, who is also Head of the Jordanian-Syrian Fraternity Committee, said, pointing out that Syria will continue to be the pillar of the axis of resistance and steadfastness that brings Arabs together.

During the meeting, Sabbagh, who appreciated Syria's invitation to AIPU conference, said that Syria is pressing ahead with enhancing its relations with the countries and peoples that supported it.

Khouri noted that Syria's invitation is a qualitative step towards consolidating the Syrian-Jordanian relations.  

Hamda Mustafa