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Thousands of Displaced Syrians Suffer Disastrous Conditionds in al-Rukban Camp

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Thousands of displaced Syrians, who were forced to leave their country because of terrorism and are now staying in al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf area near the Syrian-Jordanian borders, have been experiencing very critical conditions that reach the level of humanitarian disaster. This is while the American occupation forces which control the area surrounding the camp in a blatant violation of international law, are watching this suffering and they even prevent humanitarian aid convoys from reaching the camp.

Those displaced people are living in a desert environment within tents, most of them are made of plastic, cloth and clay, according to the World Food Program WFP. However, what worsens the humanitarian condition of those people to the degree of disaster is the presence of the US occupation troops in al-Tanf area where these forces block the arrival of humanitarian aid convoys, prepared by the Syrian Arab Red Creacent (SARC) in coordination with and support of the Syrian government, to the camp.

Within the framework of its efforts to alleviate the suffering of the displaced citizens, trapped in al-Rukban camp, the Syrian government, several days ago facilitated the delivery of humanitarian aid convoy consisting of 133 trucks of basic needs to the camp. The trucks carried relief materials including food, medicine, flour, clothes, education requirements as well as all needs of vaccination campaigns.

Despite assistance bids by SARC and the government, the situation in al--Rukban camp stays very critical, according to spokeswoman of World Food Program (WFP) Marwa Awad who stressed that civilians in the camp are terribly tired living miserable circumstances, particularly during winter.

 The situation in al-Rukban camp provides an example of the humanitarian suffering of many displaced Syrians inside and outside Syria. Also, it openly uncovers the claims of Washington and its allies about their keenness on protecting civilians and unveils their support for the terrorist groups which control the camp, treat the people inside the camp as hostages, and put hands on the relif aid sent to the dislaced.


The condition of the displaced Syrians in al-Rukban camp is not so much different from that of the displaced in the camps established by the Turkish regime near borders with Syria.  Also, it is not so much different from the situation of the diaplced Syrians in Lebanon and Jordan. The suffering and the bad humanitarian conditions are almost the same.

The Syrian government has been calling on the Syrian refugees to return home and it has facilitated the return of thousands of displaced people from Lebanon and Jordan to their villages and towns which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army and were provided with basic services by the government.

The Syrian government is keen on helping the dispalced Syrians return home, but the United States and Turkey keep frightening the displaced from returning and trying to exploit the file of the displaced to blackmail the international community.


Hamda Mustafa