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Syrian Air Defenses Repel Fresh Israeli Aggression on Syrian Territories

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian air defenses at the early hours of Monday confronted an Israeli aggression and prevented it from achieving its goals, the Syrian Arab News Agewncy (SANA) said.  

A military source told SANA that "at 1:10 a.m Monday, January 21st, 2019, the Israeli enemy targeted the Syrian territories from air and ground with a wave of guided missiles, but the Syrian Air defenses immediately intercepted the missiles and downed most of them before reaching their targets".

 The Israeli missiles were fired from different directions including from the Lebanese airspace, from Galilee area in the occupied Palestinian territories and from the Lake of Tiberias area, according to SANA reporter.

The reporter made it clear that the air defenses intercepted the missiles and downed tens of them.

Earlier on Sunday, a military source said that the Syrian air defenses confronted an Israeli missile attack that targeted  the Damascus southern region and prevented it from achieving any of its objectives.

Hamda Mustafa