More Displaced People Return to Their Towns, Villages in Deir Ezzor

DEIR EZZOR-The province of Deir Ezzor continues to welcome new batches of displaced Syrians who retuned to their villlages and towns in the province after the Syrian Arab army liberated these areas from terrorism.
On Sunday, more than 300 returnees came via al-Salihiyeh corridor to their villages and towns in Deir Ezzor from which they fled because of Daesh terror attacks. The new batch included 60 military deserters who benefitted from the Amnesty Decree.

 Al-Salihiye corridor links between the Euphrates eastern and western banks.

A number of Syrian Arab Army personnel in cooperation with concerned authorities received the returnees and provided them with basic needs and medical services, SANA reporter said.

The returnees thanked the Syrian Arab Army for the sacrifice it has offered to help them return after it has restored security to Deir Ezzor and dismantled the mines planted by Daesh terrorists before they retreated.

They expressed their readiness to contribute to rebuilding what has been destroyed by terrorism.

According to the Syrian News Agency SANA, some 800 people, including displaced citizens and deserters, who had had their legal status settled after benefitting from the amnesty decree, have retunred via al-Salihiyeh since the beginning of this month.

Hamda Mustafa