People of Occupied Syrian Golan Renew Rejection of Israel's Plan to Implement So-Called "Wind Turbines Project"

QUNEITRA, (ST)- People of the Occupied Syrian Golan have affirmed their determination to continue confronting all the Israeli occupation oppressive and arbitrary practices which aim at stealing their lands and carry out settlement projects. They have renewed adherence to their motherland, Syria, and expressed rediness to sacrifice in defense of every inch of the occupied Syrian Golan.

During a meeting in the occupied town of Majdal Shams on Saturday, the people of Golan urged unity against the occupation's policies in order to prevent the implementation of the so-called "Wind Turbines Project" in the Golan farmers' lands surrounding the occupied villages of Majdal Shams, Mas'ada, Ein Qinieh and Baq'ata.

 In a phone call with SANA office in Quneitra, Yehya Shams from occupied Baq'ata village said the project aims at slealing the lands of Golan farmers to build news settlements.

Ghassan Shaalan from occupied Ein Qinieh village stressed that the project have negative impacts on citizens' health and on environment and it causes damage to plants and orchades on which people depend in their living.

Hael Masoud, from Mas'ada village, reiterated Golan people's rejection to the new Isareli wind turbines project, pointing out that the coming days will witness popular moves to express the Golan people's complete rejection to the project.

Sheikh Sleiman al-Maqt from Majdal Shams village said that the people of Golan will foil the project and they are now ready more than ever to defend their sacred lands.

The Israeli occupation authorities plan to implement a new settlement project through building 45 wind turbines to generate electricity in occupied Syrian Golan. More than six thousand dunumms of agricultural lands, owned by the locals in the villages mentioned above, will be confiscated.

Hamda Mustafa