Syria: Cowardly Israeli Aggression on Syrian Territories Aims To Prolong the Crisis

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has stressed that the cowardly Israeli aggression on the Syrian territories comes within the framwork of the Israeli attempts to prolong the crisis and the terrorist war in the country and also at raising the morale of the remaining terrorists, the Ministry of Foreign Affaris and Expatriates said in two letters to the UN Chief and President of the Security Council dealing with yesterday's Israeli missile attack on the Syrian lands.

The aggression is also a new attempt by the Israeli government to escape its aggravating internal problems, according to the ministry.

"Syria affirms that Israel couldn't have continued its dangerous aggressive policies without the political, military and media cover provided by the US administration and some infulential Security Council member countries to immune the Israeli entity against any accountability or punishment," the ministry went on to say, pointing out that this immunity allows Israel to go further it its state terrorism practices that threaten peace and security not only in the region but in the entire world. 

"Syria renews its call on the Security Council to assume its responsibilites in preserving international peace and security and adopt immediate deterrent procedures to prevent repeating such Israeli attacks," the ministry said.

Syria also urges the Security Coucil to force Israel to respect international resolutions relating to the agreement on the disengagement of forces on the Syrian Golan and to hold Israel accountable for the terrorist acts and crimes committed against the Syrian people, the ministry added.

Hamda Mustafa