Syria Will Continue Working to Create Suitable Environment to Attract Local, Foreign Investments

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minister Imad Khamis has stressed that Syria will continue to work as to create suitable environment to attract local and foreign investments through issuing a modern investment law, drawing up a comprehensive investment map that covers all vital sectors, facilitating administrative measures and providing necessary services to investors.

Khamis, during his meeting on Saturday with an Armenian Economic delegation, explained the importance of Syrian-Armenian investments in contributing to enhancing the historical relations between the two countries. He also affirmed the importance of the Armenian companies' participation in Syria's reconstruction era, particularly in infrastructure, buildings and production of building materials.

 The Premier noted the need to reactivate the Syrian-Armenian Businessmen Council as to employ the expertise and skills of businessmen of both sides in boosting economic and trade relations and in attracting quality investments that achieves added value that serves the interests of the peoples of the two friendly countries.

Khamis urged businessmen of all friendly countries which supported the Syrian people in their war on terrorism, to get an idea about the attractive and encouraging elements provided by the Syrian state in all areas of investment and to seize the investment opportunities available in the country.

On his part, head of the guest delegation Narek Karapetyan expressed the Armenian businessmen's willing to get quality investment opportunities in Syria and to benefit from the offered facilitations as to activate the relation between the private sectors of the two countries. He noted the need to develop partnership between the Syrian and Armenian establishments and businessmen in all fields in a way that contributes to expanding investment cooperation.

Hamda Mustafa