Music for Peace


Under the patronage of Culture  Minister, Mr. Mohammed Al-Ahmed in cooperation with the Russian Embassy and in the framework of the Music for Peace Program, a concert has been recently held for a group of Russian international musicians on the stage of Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia.

The program also included carrying out several workshops for the students of Mahmoud Al-Ajan Music Institute in Lattakia

To highlight this important artistic event, Mr. Majd Sareem, Culture Director of Lattakia, said to  the Syria times e-newspaper:” This concert is part of the Music for Peace Program which is a global music project carried out by international award-winning musicians. This band is visiting countries that have suffered wars or have ended their wars and works to spread music and take care of students studying in institutes of music through carrying out several workshops and at the end these workshops a group of outstanding students will be selected  to perform on stages in Russia”.

Regarding the other activities of the Directorate in this field, Mr. sareem said : “Actually, the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army that led to the elimination of terrorism in Syria and the return of security and safety was the main factor in reactivating the cultural cooperation with the friendly countries. Several agreements have been signed with the embassies of India, Indonesia and Argentina, where many artistic and cinematic performances in addition to the Indian Film Week have been presented. There are also some Syrian art groups that have presented many artistic performances in some friendly countries.”

 The members of the Russian artistic band are: Vitaly Fatula, a saxophone player.

He participated in creating the international project "Music for Peace", through which he visited more than 200 countries to provide charity shows and workshops. He is also the founder of the Reformers' Festival of Classical Music.

Yevgeny Rumyantsev, is a violoncello player. He considered a permanent participant in the local and international festivals held in Russia, Europe and Asia. He teaches students at Moscow Conservatory and organizes workshops in Russia and abroad.

Denis Chivanov, is a pianist. During his work at the Conservatory and at the Central Music School, he prepared more than 100 winners in the international competitions.

Chivanov surprised by the high level of students praising the outstanding talents he had met at the Institute and their quick response to all his notes.

“They are well qualified and have the potential to learn and develop their skills to be professional pianists”, he stressed expressing his full readiness, with his team, to provide all possible support for the Institute and its students.

Chivanov showed  great happiness that Syria is still strong and is not as it is broadcasted in the false media as a very dangerous country , pointing that its people lives a very normal life and determined to overcome all the hardships they have faced during the long years of the severe crisis.

Amal Farhat  from Lattakia to the Syria times