Al-Mikdad Urges International Organizations to Speak Up against US- Led Coalition's Crimes against Children in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad has underscored that Syria, with the help of concerned UN organizations mainly UNICEF, is sparing no effort to meet the needs of Syrian children all over the country, particularly in the areas which were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army, and to rehabilitate the educational institutions destroyed by terrorist organizations as soon as possible and provide education, health and medical services to children.  

Al-Mikdad, who made the remarks during his meeting on Sunday with UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore and the accompanying delegation, hailed the role and the noble message of UNICEF as an humanitarian organization that cares about children all over the world.

 "Syria's children are the treasure of the future and the generation which will build what the  terrorist war against Syria has destroyed," he made it clear, pointing out that UNICEF's cooperation with the Syrian government in providing educational and health support for children is of an exceptional importance.

He also affirmed the important role of international organizations and UNICEF in assisting the Syrian refugee children, who return to their homeland, and in meeting their needs and helping them restore normal life as soon as possible.

Al-Mikdad Urges UNICEF and other international organizations to speak up against the savage crimes being perpetrated with cold blood by the US-led Coalition against tens of women and children in northeastern Syria, in a blatant violation of international charters. He also urged speaking up against the provocative practices made by the Kurdish militias in northern Syria, including the act of confiscating the right of thousands of children in education by preventing students from going to school.

On her part, Fore stressed that UNICEF is Syria's partner in following up the situation of Syrian children, pointing out that the organization is willing to enhance cooperation at all levels and it will seek providing these children with necessary  health and educational support.   

Fore talked about several issues relating to current and future cooperation, expressing hope that the coming era will open new spheres of cooperation as the situation is the country is improving to become more stable.

She suggested some future projects, noting the importance of Syrian youths' participation in these projects.

Hamda Mustafa