The First Step Makes Difference

 Aiming at supporting and promoting small and medium  projects as well as creating suitable  opportunities for the direct sales, and with the participation of 60 entrepreneurs in the provinces,  the Commission for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, has recently held its 1st Shopping Festival in Homs.

Director of the Commission Mr. Ehab Esemandar explained that, in addition to supporting  and promoting  small and medium enterprises,  the purpose of the festival is to provide the opportunity for  the direct communication  between the small entrepreneurs from the various Syrian provinces and the customers and visitors coming to the festival, which brings benefits to all parties because the festival will provide goods at very reasonable prices.

Mr. Esemandar pointed out that the festival contributes to moving the market in the province, which reflected positively on the economic activity of the city, indicating that the Commission provided all the requirements for the free of charge participation in the festival .

The pavilions of the exhibition included a variety of products that expressed the heritage and character of each province through handicrafts such as Damascene brocade woven with pure gold thread as well as many handmade food and cosmetic industries.

The festival runs from 4 to 12 December.

Amal Farhat- Homs