Ambassador Ala: Syrian Government Triumphed over Terrorism Thanks to Popular Solidarity

GENEVA – The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations and International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Hossam El-Din Ala said that Syria’s victories over terrorism and its success in liberating most of the Syrian territories and restoring normal life to it were done by the great efforts exerted by the government and the wide popular support it enjoys, SANA reported.

The Ambassador clarified during a meeting with students from Geneva University that no state can face up to a fierce war of multiple forms the way Syria has been exposed to for more than seven years unless its people have supported the government, leadership and national institutions, according to SANA.

 He noted that this war sought to counterfeit facts and distort the image of the Syrian state abroad through systematic misleading media and political campaigns to provoke the world public opinion against it through fabricating lies and holding international meetings as well as passing politicized and biased decisions against Syria at the United Nations under  weak pretexts.

Ala pointed out that the United Nations and its European and regional allies have attempted to make use of the Human Rights Council to serve their policies against the Syrian government since 2011, clarifying that these states have adopted unilateral coercive measures on the Syrian people that are up to the level of economic blockade and massive punishment.