Syrian Constitution Is a Sovereign Issue That Only the Syrians Can Decide: al-Jaafari

NEW YORK, (ST)-The Syrian constitution is a sovereign issue that only the Syrians can decide, Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has underscored, pointing out that it is not possible to accept any idea that may lead to interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

During a Security Council session Monday on the situation in the Middle East, al-Jaafari reiterated that job of the UN  Special envoy is to facilitate the works of the committee in charge of discussing the current constitution and he can't consider himself as a third party.

He said that the Syrian national Dialogue Congress held in the Russian city of Sochi provided the Syrians with an opportunity to hold dialogue without foreign interference. Thus, Syria has dealt positively with the results of this congress, including on forming a committee for discussing the current Syrian constitution, and it has been keen on witnessing the birth of this committee as soon as possible.

  In dealing with the issue of forming the constitutional committee, Syria started from a number of basic principles based on actual commitment to Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity as well as on the fact that terrorism has no place in Syria, al-Jaafari said.

"The constitution and all related details are a purely sovereign issue which only the Syrians can decide and therefore, any idea that leads to interference in the Syrian internal affairs is unacceptable," al-Jaafari made it clear, reiterating that only the Syrian people has the right to decide the future of their country without foreign interference and that the political process should be led by the Syrians themselves.

The senior Syrian diplomat affirmed that it is not allowed to impose any pre conditions or conclusions regarding the work of the committee or the recommendations that may result from discussions, because the committee is the party to decide its outcomes not any other country or group, such as the so-called "Mini Group" which had specified the results of the committee's work in advance in order to hamper any progress in the political process .

Al-Jaafari stressed that it is not acceptable to impose artificial timeframes for the creation of the constitutional committee as this would have negative results. So steps in this field should be well-studied and based on right principles because they specify the future of Syria.

Some western countries have Sought dominating UN and turning it into a tool to achieve their political interests

Syria's representative went on to say that some western countries have tried over the past seven decades to dominate the United Nations and to turn it into a tool to achieve their political interests through manipulating the principles of the UN Charter to justify their aggression, through usurping people's rights like what happened in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and several other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and through investment in terrorism like what is happening in Syria.

He added that some Security Council's permanent member states violate the principles of the International Law and continue to support terrorist organizations in Syria, pointing out that the United States, Britain and France have launched aggressions on Syria and an illegal international coalition led by Washington has been established to commit the ugliest crimes against the Syrian civilians. In addition, some regional countries have issued takfiri fatwas for the terrorist organizations which are funded, armed and sponsored by these countries themselves in complete violation of the UN principles.

Al-Jaafari reaffirmed that Syria believes in a UN role that respects the principles of the UN Charter and the rules of the International Law, preserves the sovereignty of countries, rejects the blackmail policies of some influential countries, adopts neutrality and non- interference in internal affairs of countries and opposes the policies of dictates, pre-conditions and ultimatums.

He stressed that Syria will continue the work as to achieve political solution to the crisis through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference and based on giving the fight against terrorism priority in every phase of the political process. He asserted that Syria will keep working to help the displaced Syrians return to their homeland and to launch reconstruction and liberate all the Syrian areas from terrorism and from all illegal occupying foreign forces.

Hamda Mustafa