Electricity Returns to Al-Mayadin City in Deir Ezzor after 4-Year Stop Because of Terrorism

DEIR EZZOR, (ST)- Within the framework of the government's efforts to restore vital services to the areas in Deir Ezzor which were liberated by the Syrian Arab army from terrorism, electricity power has returned to al-Mayadin city following four years of stopping because of terrorist organizations' attacks.

The power returned to al-Mayadin after the electricity station of the city was rehabilitated by national expertise and at a total cost of 300 million Syria Pounds.

 The procedure marks re-launching life circle in Deir Ezzor countryside areas which were liberated from terrorism.

Abdul Majeed al-Kawakbi, Deir Ezzor Governor, said work continued at rapid pace to provide all services to the liberated areas within the strategic framework put by the Syrian government to ensure the return of locals, remove terrorism effects and start reconstruction.

On his part, Director of the General Establishment of Electricity Fawaz al-Zaher said that in implementation of the government's directives to restore electricity to al-Mayadin within two months, "work continued around the clock to feed the city with electricity by national cadre. The workshops managed in a record time to rehabilitate the power station of al-Mayadin after necessary equipments were brought from other provinces."

On November  14th, 2017, the Syrian Arab army re-established control over the entire city of al-Mayadin, 45 km to the southeast of Deir Ezzor, after eliminating the last gatherings of Daesh terrorists in the city.

Hamda Mustafa