Syria's Allies Played Key Role in Enhancing Syria's Steadfastness in the Face of Global War

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Speaker of the People's Assembly Hammouda al-saabagh has stressed that Syria's allies, particularly Russia, have played a key role in enhancing the country's steadfastness in the face of the ongoing global war, reiterating that "just like the way we were partners in the fight against terrorism we are now partners in victory".  

During his meeting on Tuesday with member of the Russian State Duma Tatiana Batysheva, who is also the director of a center for pediatric psychiatry and neuropsychiatry in Moscow, Sabbagh talked about issues of common interests, expressing hope that cooperation between the health organizations and centers of both countries will be consolidated in order to  help treat injuries caused by terrorist attacks, particularly those of children.

 On her part, Batysheva noted the historical deep Syrian-Russian relations, affirming the center's readiness to help Syria's children and provide psychological and physical rehabilitation to those injured in terrorist acts.  

She said that she visited Syria to know about the suffering of the Syrians, especially children and to help Syrian Physicians, nurses and psychological specialists benefit from the Russian expertise in the treatment of injured people.

She pointed out that the Douma Council have provided humanitarian aid including artificial limbs as well as special equipments for children who lost limbs because of terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa