Field Commander Narrates Details of Operation that Led to Liberation of Daesh-Held Sweida Abductees

HOMS, (ST)- A field commander has revealed the details of the heroic operation which was carried out by the Syrian Arab army in Humeima area in northeastern Palmyra in which the army managed to liberate all the abductees who were kidnapped by Daesh terrorists during their attack against Sweida province weeks ago.  

In a statement to journalists in Palmyra, the commander said that "based on accurate intelligence, information about the places where women and children, kidnapped by Daesh from Sweida province, exist, it was proved that the takkfiri organization used to transfer the abductees from a place to another in order to camouflage the places where it held them.

"Accurate monitoring of the terrorists' movements and of their infiltration attempts between Syria and Iraq, help the army personnel draw up and implement a well-knit plan to carry out a military and security operation in Humeima area that led to the release of the abductees," the commander added.

 "The operation has resulted in the liberation of all the abductees, the killing of 8 terrorists, of different nationalities, the arrest of a terrorist, the capturing of three cars the terrorists were using and the destruction of a number of other cars," clarified the commander, pointing out that non of the personnel who carried out the operation was injured.

On Thursday, the Syrian Arab army managed, in a valiant and accurate operation, to liberate the civilians abducted by ISIS terrorist organization from Sweida province weeks ago, following a fierce battle with an ISIS group in Humeima area northeast of Tadmur (Palmyra).

SANA reported that the freed abductees expressed their confidence  that the Syrian Arab Army’s determination to liberate them has not budged, and they  have always been certain that the army was coming to rid them of terrorists’ clutches.

Hamda Mustafa