Preparations Underway to Hold Biggest Mass Wedding for Hundreds of Syrian Army Soldiers

LATTAKIA, (ST)- A huge mass wedding ceremony is to be held on Friday for hundreds of Syrian army soldiers in Lattakia.

Preparations are underway to bring together 1100 young grooms and brides to celebrate their wedding in a move aiming at honoring the sacrifices offered by the hero Syrian army soldiers in defending Syria against terrorism and Takfiri groups.

The ceremony is organized by Syriatel mobile tele-communication company and the" Amanet al-Shahid" Foundation.

 Head of the Media office in Syriatel said the event aims to honor the heroes who offered their most precious things to protect the homeland's dignity. This year's ceremony is more distinguished than previous ones in terms of the big number of grooms.

Khaldoun Naser, from "Amanet al-Shahid" Foundation, said that helping hundreds of soldiers establish a small family is a national initiative that serves society in general and the army heroes in particular.

Five mass weddings have been held over the past years of the crisis in which 1494 young men and women participated.

Hamda Mustafa