The immortal leader Hafez al-Assad will always be present in the conscience of the Syrians

Under the title (steadfast on your approach and staying with the leader Bashar)and coinciding with the 45th anniversary of October war, ( Steadfast Despite Wounds) Society, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism has recently organized a visit to the mausoleum of the late leader Hafez al-Assad.

Advisor of the Minister of Labor  and Social Affairs , Mr. Ayman Al-Qahaf and  Mr.Tawfiq Iskandar and Member of the People's Assembly took part in the visit.

The members of the association and more than 100 wounded were received by the director of the mausoleum and tourism director in Lattakia, Mr. Ammar Saqr, where they laid a wreath of flowers on the tomb and read al-Fatihah for  the blessed spirit of the immortal  leader .

later on, the guest delegation was received by the Governor of Lattakia Mr. Ibrahim Khouder Salem, Commander of the Coastal Area,  General Nayef Mashhadani,  Mr. Samer Shiha, member of the People's Assembly and

  the member of Lattakia branch of the Baath Party . They  came to the buses carrying the wounded , greeted them and talked with them appreciating their sacrifices  for the sake of the homeland dignity that contributed to achieving victory and defeating terrorism.

Mr. Abdel Karim Mohamed, Chairman of Board of Directors of the society said, addressing the blessed spirit of the immortal leader Hafez al-Assad: “Sir, You have said, save the trust and preserve the covenant. And here we are, Sir, we have saved the trust and preserved the covenant. We have won”.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Mohammed thanked all those who contributed to the success of this visit especially Mr. Ayman al-Qahaf, the unknown soldier, as he stressed, for his contribution to the service of the wounded and their families.

Amal Farhat -Homs