Syrian Inventors Win 15 Medals at Int’l Exhibition in China

DAMASCUS- Syrian inventors in medical, pharmaceutical, dental, technical and engineering fields won 15 medals at the 10th International Invention Exhibition in China.

The Exhibition was held in mid-September in the city of Foshan in China.

The Syrian team’s medals include three gold medals, six silver medals and six bronze ones, according to SANA.

Head of the Syrian team Dr. Shadi al-Khatib, told SANA that the Exhibition was an opportunity to learn about the experiences of developed countries in the field of supporting innovation and invention.

 He pointed out that China is working to launch the project “Minds” to support innovation in developing countries and provide an environment conducive to the investment of inventions.

Speaking about his invention which won him a gold medal, al-Khatib said that the invention is an adjuvant treatment for the Leishmaniasis from the pistachios.

The Exhibition was attended by about 60 countries with 4300 inventions competing, and was accompanied by the regular meeting of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, where Syria, on behalf of the Syrian Inventors Association, obtained full membership in the Association.