US-Led Coalition Choppers Help Evacuate Daesh Leaders from Deir Ezzour Southeastern Countryside

DEIR EZZOUR, (ST)- The US-led coalition has evacuated a number of Daesh terrorists from the southeastern countryside of the Syrian Deir Ezzor province.

Local and media sources told SANA that "helicopters that belong to the US-led coalition carried out an air landing operation near al-Marashdeh village, which is located in an enclave in Deir Ezzour southeastern countryside where Daesh terrorists have positions, and evacuated a number of leaders of this takfiri organization and took them to unknown destination.

 Washington has claimed that it is fighting Daesh terrorist organization through the international coalition it is leading. But, in fact, the coalition assists this terror organization and evacuates its leaders from battles in several Syrian areas to save them. Washington also provided all forms of support to Daesh including targeting the positions of the Syrian army to help the terrorists take control of wider areas.

Hamda Mustafa