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Leaked video Surfaces Showing White Helmets Staging Scenes of Fake Chemical Incident in Idleb

DAMASCUS– A leaked video was circulated by mass media showing members of the “White Helmets” staging scenes of an alleged chemical incident in Idleb province, with the video outlining inconsistencies and mistakes that prove the footage is staged, SANA repported.

The video shows a number of people being hosed with water by the White Helmets terrorists to give the impression of trying to help them after being subjected to an attack with chemical weapons.

 The video showed that some of the people who are being sprayed with water are in later shots playing the role of paramedics themselves, in addition to showing women and children passing by without showing any sign of being affected by the alleged chemical attack.

The video shows clearly that several “takes” were taken of the same scene, as two sequences show a man being taken into an ambulance in the exact same way, but once with his shirt buttoned and once with it unbuttoned.

Another pair of scenes showed a man hosing off a child on the bed of a pickup truck, and in one of the takes smoke can be seen to the right, while in the other identical take there is no smoke at all. The same person hosing off the child plays the role of a victim being hosed off, once while lying down on the ground, and once while propped up on a wall in the exact same spot where another alleged victim is shown in another scene.

Earlier in September, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that terrorists in Jisr al-Shughour shot 9 videos showing an alleged chemical attack in collusion of with an American TV channel and a number of regional channels with the aim of circulating them via mass media and accuse the Syrian Army of carrying out a chemical attack, thereby giving an excuse to a foreign aggression on Syria.