PFLP-GC asserts the need to foil ‘deal of century’


The Palestinian cause turned into a humanitarian issue at the negotiation table as a result of the violation of Palestinian principles and rights over the past twenty-five years, The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) said in statement released on the 25th anniversary of the catastrophic Oslo Accords.

The statement, obtained by the Syriatimes e-newspaper, said that the switch from the principle of national liberation movement to bets on US policies and negotiations that include no strong points in order to solve the conflict with Zionist enemy has opened infinite hole in the Palestinian situation.

“Among the outcomes of this hole is the ‘deal of century’ that resulted in the US administration’s attempts to abort the right of return and to end the UNRWA funding and proposing the creation of a Palestinian-Jordanian confederation,” the statement added.

It underlined the need to foil the ‘deal of century’ and to return of the principle of national liberation movement.

Basma Qaddour