US Implementing Israel's Goals in Syria: al-Moallem

DAMASCUS- Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem has stressed that the United states is implementing the Israeli goals in Syria and it doesn't  want Syria to be the main country of resistance to Israel.

"I want to say that American goals are not purely American goals, in fact, these are Israeli goals that the US is implementing in Syria. There are many goals," al-Moallem said in an interview with the Russian "International Life" magazine.

"First, they do not want Syria to be the main country of resistance to Israel. Second, they do not want Syria to have strategic relations with Iran and Russia. They want Syria to be like the rest of the region, that is, to become one of the instruments of US foreign policy with the approval of Israel. On this basis, I want to say that the US goal in Syria is to control all future activities of Syria in the interests of Israel, " the minister told the magazine, according to Sputnik.

 Syrian Dialogue Possible If Other States Stop Meddling in Opposition’s Affairs

Direct dialogue between the Syrian government and the "opposition" will be possible when foreign states stop interfering in the Syrian opposition’s affairs, Syria's top diplomat said.

"I can say that the opposition is not free to make decisions on its own, and the dialogue with the Syrian government is not based on its wishes. The opposition says that it wants direct dialogue, and we say that this is possible when foreign states stop their interference in the affairs of the opposition," al-Moallem made it clear.

He stressed that each separate opposition group was acting in accordance with the wishes of a "curator" foreign state.

"The problem is not the opposition itself, but its curators. There is no single opposition in Syria. There are different groups, and their activities depend on the place of residence of their leaders, in Western or Arab capitals. Therefore, each group acts on the basis of the wishes of that state," Muallem said.

Chemical weapons issue

Al-Moallm went on to say that the United States uses the chemical weapons issue as a pretext to justify its aggression on Syria.

"It is not the first time Syria is exposed to US aggression that is provoked by an alleged chemical weapon use," he said, reaffirming that Syria doesn't have chemical weapons.

He pointed out that a chemical attack scenario in Syria and an attempt to blame the Syrian state for  this attack is being easily implemented using for this purpose the so-called "White Helmet" terrorist organization which was formed by the British intelligence and funded by many western countries in order to implement such scenarios, according to the Syrian news Agency SANA.

Geneva, Astana and Sochi processes on Syria

Al-Moallem said that the Geneva process and the UN Special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura are being exposed to pressure by western countries, therefore no major political achievements were made in this process. However, in Astana process, circumstances for de-escalation in several Syrian areas were created and some agreements were reached on several areas, the latest of which was Idleb, he added, clarifying that Geneva process can't continue without Astana process.

He went on to say that Sochi process has become the venue for wider and positive Syrian national dialogue, pointing out that this process came up with positive results that could contribute to the success of Geneva process.

The foreign minister called on all the Syrians who were displaced and became refugees because of terrorism to return to their homeland to take part in rebuilding their country, affirming that the government will ensure security and provide suitable living circumstances for them.

Syria reconstruction

On western countries refraining to take part in Syria's reconstruction process in the post-war era, al-Moallem said they don't want to participate in funding reconstruction programs until the political process ends in order to control this process, particularly after their aggressive plans have failed.

He asserted that in its war on terrorism, Syria has depended on its friends (Iran and Russia), and thus it will give them and their companies priority in the reconstruction process as a gesture of loyalty to the sacrifices they offered to assist Syria in eliminating terrorism, and because they, along with other friendly countries, like China, India, Malayzia, Brazil and South Africa, have the necessary capabilities to take part in the Syria's reconstruction .  

Hamda Mustafa