Kim Jong Un: Syria Has Been One of the Most Honest Supporters of DPRK

Syria on Sunday Took part in celebrations marking the DPRK's 70th Foundation Anniversary. Assistant Regional Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party in Syria, Hilal al-Hilal says that Syria and the DPRK are fighting to build new world where racism, aggression and hegemony have no place  

PYONGYANG, (ST)-President Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Sunday met the Syrian delegation participating in the celebrations marking the DPRK's 70th Foundation  Anniversary.

Representing President Bashar Al-Assad, Hilal al-Hilal, the Assistant Regional Secretary of the   Baath Arab Socialist Party, led the party's delegation to the event.

According to the Syrian news Agency  SANA, President Kim Jong Un welcomed the Syrian delegation and highly appreciated the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Korean people's celebrations marking their state's foundation. He hailed the historical ties linking between the two states and peoples and between the Baath Arab Socialist party in Syria and the Korean Workers Party the foundations of which were laid by the late leaders Kim Il-Sung and Hafez Al-Assad.

Kim Jong Un thanked President Bashar Al-Assad for his honorable stances on the Korean cause and on the freedom causes of the world peoples, reiterating that Syria has been one of the most honest supporters of Democratic Korea at all international forums.

He wished Syria full victory over terrorism which is backed by the forces of world imperialism, mainly the United States and enemies of freedom, independence and national sovereignty.

On his part, Hilal conveyed the greetings and feelings of amity of President Al-Assad and the Syrian people to Democratic Korea's people, leadership and ruling party. He stressed that Syria is standing side by side with DPRK in the confrontation of US arrogance.

Hilal reiterated that the two countries are targeted because they are among the few countries which enjoy real independence, because both are in the same trench against all who seek changing the national identity of the peoples of the two countries.

He highly appreciated the DPRK's support for the Syrian people in the face of foreign-backed terrorism which serves the Zionist entity and its colonialist scheme in the region.

Before the beginning of the huge military parade, Hilal held a meeting with the Korean president, during which he stressed that the DPRK's success in protecting and maintaining its independence in addition to Syria's victory over terrorism are two achievements in one battle that aims at building a new world where racism, aggression and hegemony have no place.   

Hamda Mustafa