Highlights from the joint Al-Moaalem-Lavrov Press Conference

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Walid Al-Moaalem, and the Russian Minister of Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, held a joint press conference in Moscow today as aired live by different media outlets. Here are some highlights of this conference:

Minister Walid Al-Moaalem of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates:

"Moscow has been the center for regional contacts about Syria  and we  exchanged viewpoints about  these contacts where our viewpoints were identical,"

"Our talks are constructive and fruitful and we are partners in the fight against terrorism and we are on a short distance from eliminating  this terrorism,"

"Russia has the priority for rebuilding process in Syria

"We will never forget the role  of those countries which conspired against our people through derailing our fight against terrorism,"

"When we liberated Eastern Ghoutta, the USA used a false flag chemical attack and launched an aggression on Syria last April and now because they want to repeat the same scenario as to save al-Nusra front's terrorists and as to prolong the crisis and we warn them about the dangerous consequences of such attack,"


" we have the legitimate right to self-defense and warn against the foolishness of launching such a tripartite aggression against our people in Syria,"

"The Syrian leadership decision has been to fight al-nusra terrorism whatever the cost might be and we place priority too for reconciliations as we made in many regions in Syria,"

"we opened abu duhor  crossing and for a week; unfortunately,  al-nusra arrested most of those who work for reconciliation and those who wanted to leave from the crossing,"

"the US presence in Syria is aggressive and illegitimate and none has asked the USA for this. The USA is deceiving the world,"

"white helmets were transported to Israel, to Jordan and most of them returned to Idleb. The British Intelligence founded the White Helmets they are to use them in another false flag operation in Idleb Countryside,"

"The White Helmets kidnapped 44 chil from Idleb as to act their false flag operation. They want a tripartite aggression against Syria as to save the terrorist al-nusra,"

"We do not possess chemical weapons,"

"Syria's relations with Iran date back to the seventies and Iran has its role in fighting terrorism where the Iranian Advisors work shoulder to shoulder with our Armed Forces,"

" the return of the Syrian refugees is safe and we would provide the suitable conditions for their life as Syrian citizens in their own country. We cal on the West to lift its unjust sanctions and to contribute to the rebuilding process in Syria

On his part,  Russian Foreign Minister  Sergei Lavrov :

"the fight against terrorism is continued till the return to Syria  of all of its land, and we have discussed and taken some measures for the return of the refugees," 

" the US presence in Syria is illegitimate and the Americans always make promises to leave Syria, including the promise by US President Trump, and they always give different pretexts,"

"The Americans  are trying now to deter the Syrian State and the International community from rebuilding Syria,"


 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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