Syria Condemns Saudi Regime's Financial Support for US-Led Coalition

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Saudi authorities' announcement of $ 100 million contribution to the activities of the illegal US-led coalition comes within the framework of its complete subordination to the US administration, a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has stressed, pointing out this financial support comes at the expense of the resources of the Najd and Hijaz (Saudi) people who are more worthy of that money and who are originally suffering a state of poverty and economic recession.

The source told SANA on Friday that the Saudi authorities, which have been conspiring on the Arab nation's interest, have announced a financial contribution, estimated at $100 million, to the Washington-led Coalition which was established out of international legitimacy purportedly to fight Daesh in Syria in a blatant challenge of the Security Council resolutions relating to the crisis in Syria.

 "The US-led coalition has killed thousands of Syrian children and women and attacked the Syrian army positions tens of time as to prevent it from fighting Daesh terrorist organization in the eastern part of Syria and in other areas countrywide. It also destroyed the Syrian infrastructure which cost the Syrian people hundreds of billions of dollars to build," the source said, affirming that these crimes by coalition constituted a direct US support for terrorist organizations.

Washington-led Coalition's main goal is to fragment the region

"This criminal international coalition doesn’t deserve support by any country in the world, because its main goal is to fragment our region and impose the Zionist hegemony on all the region's countries," the source asserted.

The source reiterated that the support of the Saudi regime for the international coalition, terrorism and all the parties which took part in killing the Syrian people and destroying their infrastructure, is morally unacceptable and an open attempt to prolong the crisis in Syria and support anti-Syria forces.

  This support also aims at preventing the Syrian Arab army from achieving more victories on terrorism in northern Syria, the source added.

Syria strongly condemns the mean policies of the Saudi regime and urges an immediate stop of these policies, according to the source.

Syria also calls on the countries member in the US-led coalition to immediately withdraw from it, because this illegal coalition serves only the terrorists and threatens security and peace in the region, the source concluded.   

Hamda Mustafa