Syria to Continue the Fight against Terrorism in Parallel with Efforts to Achieve Reconciliation: PA Speaker

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria and Mauritania are linked by deep historical relations despite the geographical distance between the two countries, Speaker of the People’s Assembly  (PA) Hammoudeh al-Sabbagh has affirmed.

 During a meeting with a delegation representing the  Mauritanian Socialist Democratic Unionist Party led by the party's Secretary General Mahfouz Weld Abdul al-Aziz, al-Sabbagh said that Syria will continue the fight to eliminate terrorists’ remnants in parallel with efforts to achieve local reconciliation and launching reconstruction.

 On behalf of the Mauritanian people, head of the guest delegation voiced solidarity with the Syrian people in confrontation of the crisis.

He also affirmed that Palestine will continue to be the central Arab cause until the entire Palestinian territory is liberated from the Israeli occupation and the Zionist-imperialist plan in the region is eliminated.

Hamda Mustafa