Rabah Annual Festival in Homs countryside

In the presence of Homs Governor, Mr. Talal Al-Barazi and an impressive official and public crowd, the annual” Rabah Festival “, was launched on Sunday after several years of absence because of war. The festival was distinguished by raising the highest flag of the Syrian Arab Republic between two mountains to flutter in the sky of Rabah marking the victories achieved by the Syrian army in various regions.

Mr. Al-Barazi said during the opening ceremony: "Rabah Festival today is a continuation of the cultural, arts, poetry, literature, sports and joy festivals being held throughout Homs and this festival has its own specialty with regards to the Cultural, literary and social activities which will last for five days”.

Participants in the festival stressed that the festival, with its various activities, is only a confirmation of the return of the social communication so as the festival was organized with the participation of the people of Rabah village and the neighboring villages in cooperation with the economic activities in the region. In addition to the significant roleplayed by the expatriates, the sons of the village, in supporting the festival.

The most prominent event on the first day of the festival was raising the highest flag of Syria over one of the village’s hills, which is 1000 meters above sea level.

One of the participants in this event said: "This event is but a spontaneous expression of the people of our village and the neighboring villages who helped us to make a 3300 square meters flag, which took three days and nights to be done. The flag is accompanied by a rope, which carries the flag of Syria,  to the top of church in the village.”

“This festival is a national celebration through which the whole world will see the history of Syria and the deep-rooted civilization of the Syrian people.”

Margaret, who is one of the participants, said:” We are trying through our festivals and celebrations to convey a message to everyone who wants to harm us and destroy our country that the conspiracy has failed and Syria is fine. We are one people and they will not be able to differentiate us.”

The 5-day festival includes cultural, theater, cinematic and poetic events in addition to various sports events, carnival and concerts.

Outstanding students in the intermediate and secondary education are honored by the official bodies and people’s activities in Rabah.


Amal Farhat -from Homs to the Syria times