Syrian MP: Armenian-Arab relations have deep historical roots

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The joint interaction between Arabs and Armenians and the Armenian-Arab relations have deep historical roots, the Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian said in a lecture she gave in Abo Rommaneh Cultural center in Damascus.

The MP asserted that the rapprochement between languages was the best way to develop interaction and relations between Arab and Armenian civilizations and peoples.

“The Arab-Armenian historical relations date back to the Arab conquest of Armenia in the 7th century A.D. where Arabic language was used to communicate with the Islamic world in order to enhance commercial and diplomatic relations,” Dr. Arissian clarified.

She pointed out that the Armenian language borrowed some words from the Arabic language before the Arab conquest of Armenia and before the start of direct communication with Armenians in the 7th century.

“During the period of the Kingdom of Armenia, the political and military relations were strengthened and this, in turn, enhanced cultural relations where the effect of Arab culture on the Armenian culture was very clear,” the MP added.

Dr. Arissian focused in her lecture on the development of the Armenian language, which was affected by the languages of contemporary peoples, and how the rapprochement between Arabs and Armenians laid the foundation for friendship relations throughout the ages.

Basma Qaddour