More Displaced Families Return to Their Homes in Aleppo and Idleb Countryside

IDLEB, (ST)-New batch of displaced families returned on Saturday to their villages and towns in Aleppo and Idleb countryside via Abu al-Duhour crossing in Idleb southeastern countryside after the Syrian Arab army had liberated these areas from terrorism.   

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that the crossing witnessed intensive return of families to their houses s in Aleppo and Idleb countryside after the army has expelled terrorist groups and restored security and stability there. The locals arrived in their areas by vehicles carrying their luggage as well as personal properties and agricultural equipments.  

 The reporter added that concerned government parties have provided all health services and relief aid to the returning people and have taken all measures to facilitate their  return to their towns and villages as to start normal life.

Last February, the Syrian army announced liberating the villages and towns in the area between the countryside of Aleppo, Idleb and Hama from terrorism. Since then, tens of families have returned to practice their normal life and farm their lands after concerned parties have met their requirements.

Hamda Mustafa