Reconciliations Restore Security and Stability in Syria, Help Start Reconstruction: Kinshchak

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Russia will continue to support Syria in its war on terrorism, Russia's Ambassador to Syria Alexander  Kinshchak has stressed, saying Syria will triumph in the war waged on the country because of the steadfastness of the Syrian people, the heroism of the Syrian army and the wisdom of Syria's leadership.

In a statement during a reception held by the Russian Embassy in Damascus marking Russia's 28th National Day, Kinshchak said his country has cooperated with its ally, Syria, in confronting different challenges and conspiracies and the two countries are shoulder to shoulder in the same trench in the battle to eliminate extremism, violence and terrorism.

 The Russian diplomat affirmed the importance of reconciliations to restore security and stability to Syria and to open the way for reconstruction and for more economic cooperation that serves the mutual benefit of the two countries.

The reception was attended by Speaker of the People's Assembly as well as the Prime Minister, some senior party officials, a number of ministers, MPs and ambassadors.

In a statement to journalists, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Baouthaina Shaaban, hailed the deeply-rooted relations and the partnership between Syria and Russia, noting that bilateral relations are based on friendship, amity and confidence between the two governments ad presidents of the two countries.

She noted the Syrian-Russian cooperation in perpetuating the principles of rightness and countries' sovereignty, in fighting terrorism and in confronting hegemony and aggression attempts.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad, on his part, told journalists that cooperation between Syria and Russia is deepening in political, economic and cultural areas and that the relation between the two countries has been built on the principles of the UN Charter which provides for preserving countries' sovereignty and independence.

Hamda Mustafa