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More Terrorists Killed Or Arrested

(GOVERNORATES)_ (ST) Syrian Armed Forces eliminated scores of terrorists and  their leaders and destroyed their  machine-gun equipped cars in  several areas of  the country Wednesday.

In Aleppo, the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation in Beidein ring-road, which resulted in the destruction of three cars equipped with machine guns and a stolen car manned by  terrorists.

Another qualitative operation was carried out in Alsakhur area against the terrorists headquarters, where a pickup with a  Dushka machine gun  as destroyed . Four terrorists, including a mercenary foreigner, were killed .

 In Damascus countryside, all members of a terrorist group in Jesrin  town, Eastern Ghouta  were killed , including terrorist  Mohammed Walid al-Nabki .  Dozens of terrorists  were also killed in al-Chefoneyah area, including the two terrorists Ahmad Khubeya and Khaled al-Deirani.

In Hama four terrorists were killed in an army successful operation on their car. Other three terrorists of the group were arrested in Masoud village, of Aqirbat area.

The  armed forces  also killed today dozens of terrorists during a clearing  operation  in al-Jabal and al-Safa areas in the city of Aleppo.

In al-Shaar ring-road of Aleppo, the Syrian Army forces  carried out a qualitative operation, which resulted  in  the liquidation  of tens of terrorists and destruction of  10 cars fitted with  Dushka machine guns and two  mortar-  missile mounted cars.

Meantime,  competent forces  killed all  terrorists manning a truck  heading from Damascus to Aleppo  and confiscated  Turkish- made quantities of  explosives , C-4 explosives, silver nitrate and sulfuric acid inside the car covered with foodstuffs  for camouflaging .

Also confiscated were communication devices, two sophisticated  satellite  broadcast equipments,  weapons stores and night binoculars.

One  terrorist was killed and 8 others wounded  in clashes between two groups  in al-Sukkari area,  following a disagreement on sharing materials they had stolen or looted.

Meantime, one armed terrorist group assassinated  a member of the Executive Bureau  of Damascus Governorate, Muhammad Ayman Taja,  in Rukn eddin area , in front of his house in Damascus.  

In  al- Qseir,  the armed forces destroyed  a rocket launcher installed by terrorists and killed several terrorists, including Mustafa Shamseini and  Abdul Kafi Ahmad al-Eter.

In Idleb ,  dozens of terrorists were killed or wounded in Bdama and al-al- Shagher towns in Jesr al-Chougour countryside.

Several  vehicles equipped with Dushka machine guns  were  destroyed and tens  of terrorists  eliminated  in Bseida town in Maaret al-Nu'man rural area.

 Meanwhile, the armed forces seized 3 plants for manufacturing explosives and gunpowder in a hideout for terrorists  in Maraaba, Daraa countryside, where  scores of terrorists were killed , including one terrorist  group leader Mahmoud al-Abboud.

In Deir al-Zour,  the armed forces exterminated on armed group near the national hospital in al-Rushdeyah area and destroyed  a field hospital for the terrorists  in al-Sheikh Yassin area.


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