Syria-Russia “Very Unique” Level of Relations Hailed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria and Russia have reached a very unique level of international relations and mutual confidence between the leaderships and peoples of the two countries, Elbros Kotrashev, the delegate minister at the Russian Embassy in Damascus has underscored.

In a statement to SANA marking Russia’s 28th National Day (Russia Day), Kotrashev said that after the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army with the support of Syria’s friends in the battle against terrorism, it is important to seek liberating the Syrian lands from the “occupying forces” and cleaning them from terrorist groups. He hoped that this goal will be achieved as soon as possible through a political process, particularly because all parties including “Syria’s enemies” acknowledge that there is a need to preserve the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the Syrian state.

 On efforts aiming to push the political process forward, Kotrashev said Astana process on Syria has proved effectiveness and it has been an important wise step that must be developed to include political points.  He underestimated any possible effect of what he called “understandings or Turkish-American conspiracy in the north of Syria” on Astana process, noting a stalemate in the political process for some reasons that he preferred to talk about later.

Kotrashev made it clear that Syria’s policy of achieving local reconciliations has improved the situation on ground, pointing out that in the light of “the stop of Geneva process” Syria, through its own reconciliation efforts, is making notable progress in improving the situation in the country.

Regarding Russia’s role in Syria’s reconstruction process, Kotrashev said “Syria has given priority to the Russian companies in reconstruction. Efforts are being exerted in this regard taking into consideration the security situation as well as some economic obstacles resulted from the western sanctions on Syria and Russia.”

“The two countries are willing to overcome the obstacles and achieve joint economic action and upgrade trade exchange up to the level political and military relations,” the Russian delegate minister said, pointing out that his country encourages the Russian companies to work in Syria beside the already existing companies working on ground despite the danger and western sanctions. He clarified that these companies have projects in different areas including oil, gas, phosphate, housing and all kinds of infrastructure.

Kotrashev affirmed that Russia has repeatedly urged the international community to fund projects in Syria or at least stop hindering Syria’s friends’ efforts in this concern like lifting the sanctions, but, he said, this issue is politicized and the countries which took part in destroying Syria don’t want to contribute to reconstruction there, “which is a biased, politicized and immoral stance that we condemn.”

Kotrashev concluded his statement by asserting that since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Russia has been convinced about the need to exert efforts not only in the military field, but also in the political and humanitarian fields to solve this crisis.

Hamda Mustafa