US Should Withdraw from the Syrian Sovereign and Integrated Land


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Once the US troops withdraw from al-Tanf, you can say there is agreement about the South of Syria, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Mr. Walid Al-Moallem outlined.

  In a press conference aired live on Syrian TV, Minister Al-Moallem  added that the US should withdraw from this Syrian land and  there is no bargain when it comes to our integrated sovereign territories.

In reply to another question,  Minister Al-Moallem , said that Israel violated the 1974  UNDOF Agreement and sought to establish  a 'security belt' and once it failed, Israel started talking falsely  about 'Iranian troops  and started to call for UNDOF return.

The Syrian Armed Forces called on the terrorists  in the Southern part through written clips of paper  to withdraw and if not, necessary measures are to be taken accordingly, Minister Al-Moallem Added.

"We are seeking to liberate every span of the Syrian territories from the terrorists as well as from foreign troops" reiterated Minister Al-Moallem.

 "Turkey is an invading enemy of the Syrian territories, and we have to liberate every inch of our territory and any Turkish-Us or French Turkish  'agreement' about any occupied Syria City, whether Minbij or another, is but a direct illegitimate aggression,"  Minister Al-Moallem said in reply to a question.

 We are proud of our martyrs and pray for the wounded. We have been  steadfast though the conspiracy was very big and dangerous as to break Qassyoun Mountain down into pieces , said Minister Al-Moallem highly lauding the ability and capacity of the government to provide the food, electricity and other substances and needs to the citizen.

The UN envoy for Syria, De Mistura's task is to facilitate the coming discussions within the frame of the committee on discussing the present constitution of Syria, Minister Al-Moallem underscored.

"The list of the candidates to the present Constitution discussions was sent to Russia, Iran as the guarantors of Astana talks, and as was agreed with the Russian President Special Envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev," Minister Al-Moallem added.

" 50 names were cited and the majority of the names should be backed by the Syrian Government and the decisions should be taken by consensus," said Minister Al-Moallem in reply to a question about the Sochi decided Constitution Committee.

"The Committee is to discuss the present Constitution of 2012, the best among the region constitutions, and as suggested by Sochi Intra-Syrian Conference, proposals emerging are to be referred to the Syrian Government," Minister Al-Moallem added, reiterating that Whatever numbers of the Committee were, the Syrian Government has the majority.

"Iran has been assisting Syria in the fight against terrorism; there is no Iranian military presence in Syria but some experts advisors among whom some fell martyrs on the Syrian soil," Minister Al-Moallem reiterated.

In reply to another question, Minister Al-Moallem cited the Israeli lies and fabrications regarding Iran.

Iran was officially invited unlike the illegitimate presence of the US troops , Minister Al-Moallem underlined, asserting that Syria will invite whom it wants as to help in the  fight  against terrorism.

 " Article 15 of the Syrian Constitution prohibits the expropriation of  private ownership," Minister Al-Moallem said in reply to a question about Law 10, asserting that Law 10 is a necessity after the liberation of East Ghoutta from terrorism where the terrorist groups forged and falsified real estates ownerships and private  ownerships; accordingly the Law is to correct, validate  and prove the private ownership.

 Mr. Moallem blasted the fabrications against the Law, asserting that Law 10 has easy measures to prove the ownership even by a fourth grade relatives of the concerned person.

 "We are keen on the returning of Syrians abroad to their homeland, I will send a message to the Foreign Minister of Lebanon about the Law," said Minister Al-Moallem in reference to the recent misunderstandings and  fabrications echoed by some political figures during the recently concluded Parliamentary elections.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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