Army’s General Command announces liberating new areas in Homs and Hama countryside

Damascus - The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced that the armed forces, in cooperation with the allied forces, cleared a sprawling area of 1200 square kilometers in Homs northern and Hama southern countryside, restoring security and stability to 65 towns and villages which were controlled by terrorist organizations who were forced to exit the area after turning over their heavy and medium weapons, SANA reported.

The General Command said in a statement on Wednesday that clearing Homs and Hama countryside of terrorists is an achievement whose significance is reflected in the uprooting of the armed terrorism from the Central region which constitutes a traffic node connecting the Syrian provinces, in addition to liberating the dams of al-Rastan and al-Houla and ending the terrorist threat to sensitive and strategic facilities.

The General Command underlined its determination to continue to carry out its national and constitutional duties in defending the security of the homeland and citizens, and hunting down the remaining armed terrorist organizations in Syria.