Dozens of Civilians Martyred, Scores Injured in a Terrorist Rocket Attack on Kashkoul Neighborhood in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)-At least 35 civilians were martyred and scores others were injured in a terrorist rocket attack that targeted Kashkoul neighborhood in Jaramana in Damascus.

SANA reporter that the terrorist organizations positioned in Eastern Ghouta committed a massacre by firing a rocket against a neighborhood in Damascus, claiming the lives of 35 civilians, injuring scores others and destroying a number of houses and cars.

 According to Director of Damascus Hospital, Dr. Haitham al-Husseini, 35 bodies of martyrs were admitted in the Hospital.

The death toll is expected to raise as many of the victims are seriously injured.

Al-Husseini added that the emergency department at the hospital also received 35 injured civilians, who were victims of the attack, some of them are in critical condition.

Premier Visits Injured citizens

Later in the evening, Prime Minister Imad Khamis visited Damascus Hospital to check the condition of the wounded persons who were victims of the terrorist rocket attack that targeted a market in Kashkoul neighborhood in Jaramana of Damascus Countryside.

 In a statement to reporters, Khamis said " this is a new massacre to be added to hundreds of others committed by the terrorist organizations and it goes in harmony with the Turkish regime's crimes in northern Syria and the US-led Coalition in eastern Syria."

"These massacres aim to harm civilians, break the Syrians' will and destabilize Syria, but our message will continue to be clear; that is, we will keep defending our country whatever the challenges are," he added.

The premier affirmed that the government is keen on eliminating all the obstacles caused by the crisis and which affected all aspects of people's life.  

Hamda Mustafa