Javier Couso Urges Lifting Western Sanctions Imposed on Syria

MADRID, (ST)- Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Javier Couso has called for halting the coercive unilateral economic measures imposed by the West on Syria, stressing that solution to the crisis in the country is the one that is based on dialogue among all parties except the terrorist organizations.

In a statement on Tuesday, Couso said the terrorists in Ghouta continue to commit crimes against civilians, shell Damascus neighborhoods with rockets and mortar rounds, use civilians in Ghouta as hostages and human shields, block opening humanitarian corridors , use chemical weapons and kidnap hundreds of citizens, including women, and put them in cages.

 Couso added he visited Aleppo a year ago during which he saw displaced people returning to their city after it was liberated by the Syrian army from terrorists. He expressed happiness for seeing Aleppo born again, noting the hysterical stances adopted by some European Union countries on events in Aleppo upon the defeat of terrorists.

He criticized some European parliament members' shameful and dirty activities that support and serve the terrorists who are killing the Syrians and shedding the Syrian and European blood.

In march, 2017, Couso and an accompanying delegation visited Syria and held meetings during which he affirmed the need to build bridges between the European Union and the legitimate Syrian government.

Hamda Mustafa