New Chemical Claims against Syria Aim to Provoke Western Intervention in the Country

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Fake reports and fabrications by terrorist organizations about the use of chemical weapon in Eastern Ghouta have surfaced again amid feverish attempts by Washington and Paris at the Security Council to get a pretext to target Syria, according to well-informed sources.

The sources said on Wednesday that such fabrications and accusations aim at provoking western intervention in Syria. They come while the terrorists are witnessing more defeats under the strikes of the Syrian Arab army and while the people of Ghouta are raising their voices against the terrorists and carrying the national Syrian flag in support of the Syrian national state.

 The Security Council convened today urgently at the request of France and Britain to discuss the situation in Syria. A press release was issued at the end of the closed door meeting calling for implementing  the Council's Resolution No. 2401.

The sources added that the response to these allegations came from the locals in Ghouta through their demonstrations against the terrorists and through their raising of the Syrian national flag in several towns in Ghouta.

The sources clarified that the terrorists who fabricated the chemical accusations against the Syrian government are not from Ghouta. They aim at trading with the blood of the Ghouta people through fake news and fabrications, the sources said, stressing that the terrorists keep holding civilians as hostages in order to exploit them and justify their accusations.

 The adoption of such failed fabrications by international organizations as well as by some western countries and their media outlets encourages the terrorists to continue holding civilians as hostages and human shields.

Syrian's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bashar Al-Jaafari affirmed in a recent Security Council session that the Syrian government has information saying that the terrorists are preparing for using chlorine widely before March 13 as to accuse the Syrian Arab army of using chemical weapon.

 Hamda Mustafa