"Israel's" Threat to International Peace and Security not Less Dangerous Than That of Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra

 DAMASCUS, (ST)-The repeated Israeli attacks against Syria come within the framework of Israel's dangerous aggressive policy represented in its support for the terrorist groups in order to prolong the crisis in the country and to raise the collapsed morale of the terrorists who are suffering successive defeats under the strikes of the Syrian Arab army and its allies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has stressed.

 In a letter addressing the UN Chief and Head of the Security Council on Wednesday and dealing with the new Israeli enemy's aggression on a military position in one of Damascus countryside areas, the ministry said that the policy of state terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation authorities in addition to Israel's continuous coordination with the terrorist organizations in Syria confirm without any doubt that Israel is a rouge entity that disrespects international legitimacy and threatens international peace and security as much as the terrorist organizations called Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra do.

Earlier, General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said in a statement that “warplanes of the Israeli enemy on 3:42 am on Wednesday fired several missiles from inside the Lebanese territories on one of our military positions in Damascus Countryside, and the Syrian army air defenses intercepted the missiles and destroyed most of them.

The ministry clarified that the Israeli aggression coincided with daily missile and mortar attacks by terrorist organizations on residential neighborhoods, diplomatic missions, services facilities and churches in Damascus and other cities, noting that this provides a clear cut evidence about the coordination, partnership and alliance between Israel and the terrorist groups. The terrorist attacks claimed the lives of tens of civilians and wounded hundreds others, most of them women and children, the ministry said.

It added that the repeated Israeli attacks won't succeed in protecting Israel's partners and agent terrorist organizations and they won't prevent the Syrian Arab army from carrying on its achievements in the fight against terrorism and against Israel's tools in several parts of Syria.

The ministry urged stopping the US administration's continuous and limitless support for Israel; the support that helps Israel continue practicing state terrorism and threatening peace and security in the region and the world.

The ministry concluded by saying that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic warns Israel against the repercussions of its attacks on Syria, of its support for terrorist organizations and of the continuity of its occupation of the Arab territories including the Syrian Golan. The Syrian government calls on the Security Council to condemn the Israeli flagrant attacks against Syria and to adopt immediate and deterrent measures against Israel.

Hamda Mustafa