Syria Would Soon Emerge Victorious out from the Crisis: al-Miqdad

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria would soon emerge out from the crisis victorious, thanks to the efforts of the Syrian Arab Army and the popular rallying behind the army, and to the compass outlined by president Bashar Al-Assad through national dialogue, Dr. Fayssal al-Miqdad, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister underlined.

In press statements, published by SANA Tuesday, Dr. al-Miqdad added the wise are those who oppose the killing of the Syrians and come to dialogue table, while those who call for NATO and foreign intervention against the Syrians are far away from Wisdom.

The Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister pointed out that the enemies of Syria seek but the dismemberment of the homeland, and the sedition of the people in the interest of Israel; " so that, they have been attempting to slaughter it- Syria- because it is the sole remaining base in the region and outside defending the rights, and opposing colonial and foreign agendas,'' said al-Miqdad.

Dr. al-Miqdad reiterated that the ongoing in Syria has nothing to do with 'reform demands', given the so-far achieved on the ground reforms and the ongoing tireless reform efforts by  president Bashar Al-Assad  to develop Syria, for which the enemies don't want peace.

'The Syrian diplomacy, based on morals and on the Syrians' attachment to their central causes, particularly the Palestinian Cause, would ever remain the genuine conscience defending sovereignty, independence and people freedom." concluded Dr. al-Miqdad.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim